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CARNAD is a ground-breaking Danish company, located in a greenfield development in the small fjord-side town of Løgstør in northern Denmark. The company only uses prime-quality natural raw materials that include seafood, game and meaty bones from beef, pork and poultry. CARNAD products are specifically targeted at the worldwide food industry. These products are currently available in liquid, paste or spray-dried form, for use as best suits the customer’s finished product. They are ideal for use in food products that include soups, soup cubes, sauces, readymade meals and marinades. CARNAD operates from a brand new, state-of-the-art production facility approved by the Danish food and health authorities for production of high-grade humane food products.

CARNAD produces a variety of high quality natural meat proteins with unique UMAMI taste for the Food industry worldwide. This is achieved by combining CARNAD’s own innovative production concept with unique enzyme and protein technology, and high-efficiency processing technology. The result is a new category of food products that enables companies to make effective use of previously under-valued resources and materials, via an unusually versatile, effective and environmentally responsible production process.

The patented process that CARNAD uses takes place at significantly lower temperatures than traditional soup extract processes. As a result, not only does this continuous hydrolysis process (based on a patented Novozymes enzymatic process) result in better-quality products, it also reduces energy consumption and environmental impact.

 Imagen Carnad


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