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Greene Waste to Energy SL (GREENE) was founded in January 2011 with the aim of providing a solution to the increased need to recover all types of wastes that are currently generated by society, for production of sustainable energy. In this sense, Greene’s main objective is the construction, installation and start-up of energy recovery turn-key plants for organic wastes, coal and biomass using a technological process, which makes it a differentiating feature against competition.
The most significant competitive advantages of the above-mentioned plants are listed below:
-    Minimum plant size: 0.2MW
-    Use of proprietary technological know-how based on a revolving furnace, which features high versatility and resistance to impurities and heterogeneous wastes.
-    Use of gas filtering proprietary technology, able to extend engine average duration.
-    Non-pollutant wastes are obtained, which can be easily disposed.
Our plants are suitable for treatment of coal, biomass and all kinds of organic waste, such as solid urban waste, solid industrial waste, plastics, sewage sludge, used tyres, etc.

Business activities began in 2001 as an initiative of one of the current company members, who was duly skilled and had previous experience in project management and the setting up of manufacturing plants for different types of materials, requiring the use of chemicals during the production process. All company members are duly skilled with proven technical, chemical and industrial experience.
During the recent years, the company has designed and built two pilot plants, which allowed for successfully testing the technologies. Furthermore, all equipment and auxiliary accessories needed for the process were created aiming at solving possible errors and optimizing the energy recovery process.
GreenE’s activities have received partial financial support from the National Administration (CDTI and IMPIVA) through different R&D projects. As a result of own development, the patent PCT/ES2012/070607 was applied, for which a favorable report has been received. The corresponding administrative proceedings have been initiated so that the Patent Ownership can be awarded to GreenE.

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