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INESCOP is a non profit-making organization that develops scientific and technical activities of interest to the Spanish footwear industries. INESCOP has a staff of more than 140 professionals including experts in chemistry, biomechanics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, among others.

INESCOP develops different activities within the environmental field with the aim to provide a comprehensive solution to companies in the footwear and related industries: Environmental Management Systems, Clean Technologies, Wastewater recycling and treatment, Ecological Labelling, sewage, recovery of industrial wastes, etc. Moreover, INESCOP has been working since 2008, in the pyrolysis of tanned leather wastes. Several scientific papers have already been published, as well as the defense of the Doctoral Thesis. Furthermore, in the field of Bioadhesives, INESCOP has expertise in the overproduction of bacterial proteins for bio-inspired adhesive formulation.

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