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TYDOCK PHARMA S.r.l. is a knowledge-based SME incorporated in 2006 which was selected among the 15 Most Established Italian Spin-offs by ICE New York January 2010. The mission of TYDOCK PHARMA S.r.l. focuses on the discovery and early development of chemotherapeutic drugs, with particular emphasis on infection disease. Major corporate scientific and technological platform is directed to find innovative anti-infective compounds. The Company, as Research and Technology Transfer Center, is already involved in research project from the European Commission (MM4TB: More Medicines for tuberculosis; 2011-2015, OPTObacteria: Multianalyte automatic system for the detection of drug resistant bacteria (Coordinator SME); 2012-2014, EUROTRANSBIO: EUROpean network of TRANSnational collaborative Research and Development for SME projects in the field of BIOtechnology, www.eurotransbio.eu, project SMART ).

TYDOCKPHARMA profile includes a multi-disciplinary knowledge in the area of research on anti-infectives acquired during 20 years at the Pharmaceutical Department of University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, specificity and unique of his researchers’ experience in the choice of specific therapeutic targets (likewise enzymes involved in the resistance pathways) and a complete, technological and innovative platform. TYDOCKPHARMA S.r.l. offers itself as the first enterprise at national and international level capable to provide new molecular libraries yet selected for the screening towards unpublished bio-libraries consisting of at least 15 enzymes.

Applied computational chemistry. Compound design and library design. Organic synthesis: (including boron chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry) (classical chemistry, microwave chemistry, in parallel chemistry). Compound molecular properties evaluation (experimental and computational informatics-chemioinformatic). Medicinal chemistry platform. The added value is the expertise in technological Transfer of drug development and exploitation of research products.


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