The mid-term Review of the PILOT-ABP project by the EU Commission took place in Brussels on 11th February. During the meeting, project beneficiaries presented the most significant achievements and progress made during the first 18 months, as well as the plan for the imminent set-up of the three pilot plants for treatment of animal by-products, two of which will be located in Spain and one in Denmark.

Mr Tomas Turecki, from DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission, Project Officer of PILOT-ABP project and responsible for the review and assessment of the action, counted with the support of Mr. Markus Ortner, expert in waste processing technologies and valorisation, from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences of Vienna (Austria). Both highlighted the good progress and hard work made by project partners during last 18 months and showed optimistic regarding the potential of PILOT-ABP project. They considered that our project is offering a significant opportunity for recovery and valorisation of wastes from animal by-products, an industry that is currently facing significant environmental problems due to an increasingly strict EU legislation.

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